Will my Real Doll look the same as the one in the photo?

Will my Real Doll look the same as the one in the photo?

It's only natural that sex doll manufacturers want their real sex dolls to look as good as possible in photos.

"Will my Real Doll look the same as the one in the photo?" is a question we are often asked. The short answer is yes and no. It's only natural that sex doll manufacturers want their dolls to look as good as possible in photos. Better looking photos mean more sales. However, this can result in many customers being misled. To answer the first question, the longer answer is "No, but they look very similar". It also depends on the manufacturer and the brand.

The dolls look very similar, but not exactly the same. After we sent these photos to our client, he immediately told us that it didn't look like the official photos - mainly because of the wig and makeup. Because we don't ship the doll until the customer is completely satisfied, we asked the factory to adjust her makeup to make her closer to the official photos.

Ashe-170cm Real Dutch Wife Reality Tpe Doll

After receiving the updated photos, the customer was satisfied and approved the delivery of the sexdoll torso. If you are not completely satisfied with how your doll looks in the factory photos, you should let your supplier know, because a good supplier will not ship a doll without your approval and will be willing to adjust the makeup or fix any other issues you see .

Finally, the doll sellers tell us that the official photos are taken and post-processed by professional photographers using quality lighting and equipment. Therefore, the factory photos and the official photos will almost never look the same, but this gives you an idea of ​​how different the actual doll is from the official photos. It's still the same doll. Usually the makeup and lighting are different, and most photographers retouch the photos (in this case, the wigs and skin tones are also enhanced).

A very popular doll with the possibility of customization based on the official photo. The bright factory lighting makes her skin appear whiter, but she otherwise looks very similar. It's mainly the make-up, the photoshop, the angle of the head and the position of the eyes in the first photo that make her look different. Remember that lifelike sex doll photos are usually retouched.

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