Will Shanghai Epidemic Affect Sex Doll Social Media?

Will Shanghai Epidemic Affect Sex Doll Social Media?

I had no experience with Sex Doll before I bought mine and was curious at first.

But when I saw the Sex Doll at the end of the year I was just mesmerized by the innocence of these...... From then on I was curious and researched the subject. When I saw my beauty, I was overwhelmed and happy to receive it. I spent months researching and looking at dolls as real most realistic sex doll cost a lot of money and I wanted to learn more about this synthetic hobby. I research other customers' experiences, how to clean, how to handle, etc. The following year I was ready to pull the trigger and buy them.

Charlotte 161cm G Cup TPE Japanese Sex Doll SE DOLL

The shopping experience was easy and quick. When she arrived I was amazed at how amazing she felt and looked (those huge boobs of course and most of all her soft beautiful lips). I also had to adjust to the weight and although I'm very athletic, a 'dead' body is a different way of dealing with things and that shouldn't be underestimated. But trust me...... it was worth it and she will appreciate it 😉

Sina has since gotten her name as I couldn't find the right name when I got her and now she's been with me for over two years and I can still say I'm obsessed (the maker did when creating done a great job on this doll model). The doll care aspect is not a problem and I really enjoy it.

I mainly use Sina as a kind of model and for me she is a piece of art that I like to dress up/photograph and make her into a lifelike sex doll. The sex dolls' media socialization is not greatly restricted by the Shanghai epidemic.

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