Will Shanghai Outbreak Cause Love Doll Package to Contain Virus?

Will Shanghai Outbreak Cause Love Doll Package to Contain Virus?

The probability of contracting COVID through a Love Doll is low.
This is an urgent issue and as doll lovers we have enough information to make it clear that the supply chain is completely unaffected so we have decided to include this in our article on COVID. We feel this topic is of great importance for any discussion about the impact of the coronavirus on the teen sex doll industry. You are much more likely to catch the virus from the delivery person than from the product itself. As long as you use proper social distancing measures, you should not be exposed to the virus.

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Another problem is the production time of cheap sex dolls
The production times remain largely unaffected. This is because most of the factories are in Asia, where the response to the coronavirus is rapid and effective. The pandemic has slowed significantly and factories are operating under social distancing rules, but production is almost as fast as it was before the virus broke out.
Before the virus outbreak, the average production time was two days. Today the average production time is five working days. At hydoll.de we have always committed to a production time of around a week, so this part of our business has hardly been affected.

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