Will the Shanghai epidemic affect the shipping of buy sex doll?

Will the Shanghai epidemic affect the shipping of buy sex doll?

To learn more about buy sex doll supply chain, please continue reading this article.

As a buy sex doll professional, we have enough information to make you understand that the supply chain will not be affected in any way, and to explain how long you should wait from the moment you order a buy sex doll.

In short, the Shanghai outbreak will not be affected, our buy sex dolls are shipped to low-risk areas, and the buy sex doll shipping time is usually between 1-3 weeks. If you add a production time of 1 week for custom silicone sex doll, the estimated waiting time for your order is 2-4 weeks in total.

Due to the corona virus, international flights have been significantly restricted. This has led to a supply shortage on the demand side of international shipping. Financial Times: “At the same time, air cargo capacity has been severely impacted by the cancellation of passenger flights. "What is often overlooked is the passengers on top and the cargo below," says Professor Wilding. “That means cost increases for air freight. “This means that prices for international shipping have increased by an average of 2.2 times the normal price.

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These prices are expected to hold up for at least a year while the global pandemic slows. All sex doll retailers have increased prices to maintain profits during the pandemic, but industry profit margins have plummeted to remain competitive.

As a consumer, you must expect to pay more than usual for sex dolls and the discounts will not be as attractive as usual.

As for transit time, the average transit time for international love doll purchases has increased slightly due to a reduction in flights.

Before the pandemic, the average shipping time was about a week. Due to the reduced number of flights, the average shipping time is now two weeks, twice as long as in the pre-COVID era.

However, two weeks doesn't seem like a high number. There are many factors.

Delivery is an essential service. This means that governments have done their best to keep transportation going around the world to minimize the impact on the supply chain.
Promotion of the highest bidder. If you are willing to pay the high shipping cost, the carriers will deliver your product on the first available flight.
Many countries are reopening their doors, which means more workers will be available. Shipping times will only decrease over time as things slowly but surely return to normal.

production times
The production times remain largely unaffected. This is because most of the factories are in Asia, where the response to the coronavirus has been rapid and effective. The pandemic has slowed significantly and factories are operating under social distancing rules, but production is almost as fast as it was before the virus broke out.

Before the virus outbreak, the average production time was two days. Today the average production time is five working days. At Cheap Sex Doll we have always committed to a production time of around a week, so this part of our business has hardly been affected.

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