WM Doll, a groundbreaking love doll

WM Doll, a groundbreaking love doll

WM Doll only use TPE (thermoplastic) to manufacture love dolls and body parts. In addition, there are silicone materials. All of his dolls are built with steel jointed skeletons. All materials used are harmless and tested according to health regulations.

Satisfy all fantasies and help everyone. The next step for WM dolls seems inevitable: jumping from extra large to tiny, from adorable to skinny. In the summer of 2016, new sex dolls with small breasts were introduced, such as 140cm A cup and 155cm A cup.

In the spring of 2016, while the world was still watching the incredible curve of Venus, WM once again achieved its goal. The purpose this time is to "exaggerate": to commercialize a doll without breasts. A bit strange. With the 165 cm K cup, the WM doll seems to have started to seek a new mission: to satisfy all male fantasies, even if this is not common. To make sure the intent was clear, the brand quickly launched a K-cup version with an extra-long pacifier.

Working with Lyla, WM Dolls will pursue the ideals of pure beauty and purity, returning to a bold and shocking design alongside Venus. The Venus was launched in late 2015. She has huge breasts and a small waist. She was born to satisfy many male fantasies. Needless to say, the man appreciated it. So many that the market was soon overwhelmed by gold star dolls. Venus therefore keeps prototypes, classics and inspirations. WM Dolls has had great success. This is the third success in a few months. It is a sign that the brand will love love dolls to become a star.

168cm Wheat Skin Muscle Beauty Adult Sex Doll

A few months later, WM Dolls launched Lyla, which was their second big hit. At 5'4" tall and with an angelic and emotional face, Lyla embodies the ideals of a beautiful post-pubertal woman who suddenly realizes she has the body she dreams of. Technically, a fabulous all-rounder can be replaced with medium height and weight, soft skin and up to 25 heads. Lyla may still be the best selling real life doll in the world.

The doll brand WM belongs to a model of Zhongshan Shaxi Garment Prop Factory, also known as almost 30%, and is headquartered in a Chinese company in the southern province of Guangdong.

Known for the quality and bold design of its TPE cheap sex dolls, WM Dolls is the first Chinese brand to achieve global success. Today, new institutions and faces are frequently introduced, and the most innovative and commercially successful designs are often copied or reinterpreted by competitors.

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