Woman reveals what it's like to sleep with a male sex doll

Woman reveals what it's like to sleep with a male sex doll

Male sex dolls are on the rise and are among the things that women want to own and use.
Well, if it's not news about male sex dolls and women, what is? Let's just say that this is thanks to changing perceptions and stereotypes. Like men, women have the right to have and enjoy good sex, whether they want sex with a male partner or a male sex doll.

But there's a catch; sometimes these male sex dolls are so good that you wonder if her man will do it again after she had fun looking behind the sexy male dolls. That's okay considering the feeling is just out of this world. We can also understand that at some point women will selectively choose dolls over men. Carly from New York is helping to correct everything she's learned from her documented relationship with sexy male sex doll Gabriel.

Carly has a deep relationship with her sexy male sex doll, Gabriel. Gabriel is tall and very handsome, about five feet nine inches, which is standard height for most men. It is made of silicone material with a steel and metal shell for the internal skeletal and spinal meshes. He is strikingly handsome, with a perfect face, perfect lips and an attractive strong jaw that exudes masculinity.

Gabriel is very realistic. Standing there like that, you'd think he was a real man. Well he must be incredibly good to look and feel like he has a man inside him. He has a steady gaze that comes out of captivating sexy eyes that dig deep into your sex hormones. His lips are so real whether they're touching or kissing. His tongue feels like the tongue that drives you crazy with kissing, licking and magical oral pleasure. His muscular body is laying there looking as hot as a man on the beach and you can spread yourself on top of him and let him masturbate himself.

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Gabriel is 100% silicone and comes closest to making sense of reality. According to Cali, Gabriel's resemblance to the original is almost uncanny. When she talks about his penis, she very easily and lovingly describes how amazing he looks. She loved her silicone sex doll but more importantly she felt his sexy penis was like a real penis. It was hard and erect, made of a hard material inside and covered with a soft layer of silicone that felt like a real penis, both to touch and to fuck.

Their main goal is to demystify certain aspects of femininity and sexuality, specifically female and male sex dolls. Usually most people consider it normal for men to have sex with sex objects like female sex dolls or other sex toys for masturbation. It is widely believed that men want nothing more than to see that they feel like having sex at all times. Women, on the other hand, are considered emotional beings. It is widely believed that women need some kind of emotional connection in order to have sex, otherwise they are unlikely to be able to fully enjoy their sex life. That's dead wrong, and Cali proves it.

With all the foreplay and intimacy she experiences with him, it takes her about twenty minutes to prepare for sex with her sex doll. She was particularly in love with Gabriel's erect penis. She could control the firmness of her sex doll's erection, switching between flaccid and erect options to suit her needs at all times.

She says that having sex with Gabrielle is great, but it can never compare to having sex with a real man. She goes on to say that it is worthwhile for women to have sex with sex dolls, especially if they are looking for fun and a new sexual adventure. It is also important for women because it can help them discover their bodies and the power within. Also, women can learn how to have sex with men who work for them by having sex with lifelike sex doll. But all in all, this experience cannot be compared to having sex with a real man.

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