You must know enough about TPE sex dolls to buy them

You must know enough about TPE sex dolls to buy them

Do you want to have sex with really sexy Asian girls? Do you want a realistic fat lover doll to fulfill your desire? She is admired by many people and loved by many men. This infinite silicone mini sex doll is ready for all your fantasies and you can switch between different types at will. There are many things you need to know if you want to have a real sex doll.

TPE dolls are also suitable for silicone dolls, need to provide some information to the customer and order according to customer! very good!

158cm European And American Girl Bar Lady Life Size Sex Dolls

The main options are as follows

Sex doll color: black/wheat/plain/white. Or use some related descriptions but easier to understand. What colors can you make?

Some header options

Love the doll's wig styles, the eye colors, some manufacturers offer makeup options and some special head structures. This also applies to the tongue. A variety of wigs, greatly changing the visual effect.


Skeleton Options Most sex doll manufacturers offer a range of skeletons. You must know that many kinds of dolls unfold in the skeletons of TPE Real Dolls and silicone dolls. For example, the softness of the chest allows TPE love dolls to be divided into solid and hollow and gel chests at will. Of course, cupped hands are better, but depending on the situation, the version with a smaller torso is generally recommended. Silicone dolls usually come with their own yellow breasts and do not require a premium option.

Standing option: The normal version is the size of a human body. However, they can't take it, and the longer it lasts, the less damage it does. Therefore, the normal version of the body structure is not recommended, as it greatly reduces the shapes available! The basic mannequin can not only lie or kneel, but also sit.

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