Young oriental beauty - XY Doll Laskoe

Young oriental beauty - XY Doll Laskoe

We often sigh what an existence the oriental beauty is. We may feel this beauty at a certain time, but it is difficult to describe this beauty. As a sex doll designer, it's even more difficult to express such beauty It's getting harder and harder.

As a sex doll dealer, we can understand the fact that manufacturers cannot produce sex doll of Chinese stars without permission, except of course some unethical entertainers.

Therefore, it is very difficult to present the amazing oriental beauty with sex dolls. If the designers of XY Doll did not expect this, then we can appreciate the photographer's pictures.

This is the face of a very typical Chinese beauty, but it doesn't belong to any Chinese star now. The eyes are intelligent but melancholy. There is a lot of white space on the face. Although the facial features are not as three-dimensional as those of Westerners, the generally downward-facing face is encased by a rounded chin.

The silicone doll's hair is silky and soft like a girl, falling naturally on her shoulders, the gently parted lips seem to be waiting for a kiss, too much like a living Chinese Oriental beauty.

This kind of beauty is not ancient, but modern. We can clearly see that this sex doll is a modern human, but we also intuitively feel the oriental beauty that has passed down to this day.

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Like a piece of art I must say that Laskoe shouldn't be a personality doll but should participate in some big exhibitions and show her in front of more people or give her more technique so she can speak and communicate, Too bad such a beauty can't speak.

Some people complain when facing TPE sex doll, even if the sex doll is real, she is just an inanimate small sex doll, and she is not even as good as a barking dog. But friends, people are real in reality, but the mess of Reality has drained us physically and mentally. Can you imagine that a natural beauty can also fart, shit and swear?

Therefore, a sex doll is in some ways superior to a real natural beauty as it is a fake itself, so there is no possibility of disillusionment and aging. The more human-like these sex dolls are, the more excited we are, because we can make the sex doll, never to swear, and when it's scrapped we can make a new one that's exactly the same.

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