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159cm/5.21ft SE H Cup Doll

How do I clean my 159cm/5.21ft SE H Cup Doll step by step?

① First, wipe off any excess lubricant or body fluids with a soft towel.

②Remove the removable vagina, if applicable.

③Take off the wig and wash it separately.

④The insoles can be washed in the sink with warm antibacterial soapy water and air dried.

⑤For intact dolls - lay the doll on a towel on the bed, fill a spray bottle with a mixture of soap (preferably sulfate-free) and clean, warm water, and gently massage the doll's skin with your hands or wipe with a clean sponge.

⑥The safest way is to put the doll on a towel, spray it with water and then wipe it dry, but if you can bear the weight of the doll well and you like to play with water, you can take a bath with life size sex doll

⑦ When caring for the "skeleton", you can, for example, bathe the doll, taking care not to wet the neck or head too much. This prevents damage to the "skeleton" and possible mold. You can cover the metal parts with a plastic bag if it is easier for you, or make sure e.g. B. the feet (with metal pins) do not fit in the tub.

Wet 159cm/5.21ft SE H Cup Doll are slippery - it's safer to use a plastic stool than to stand while bathing.

●Do not use abrasive soaps or other general cleaning products.
●Do not use hard sponges or metal brushes as this may damage it.
● The easiest way to dry the doll is to lay it on a towel on the bed.
●Tip: spread your legs and use a small fan to speed up drying.
● Do not dry the doll near an open fire or heater.

What are our top five expert tips for easy cleaning?

① During sex, use a male or female condom to control fluid.

②Buy a doll with a removable vaginal insert for easy cleaning.