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162cm(5ft 31in)-Sex Doll

162cm/5.31ft sex dolls are closer to real people and bring you great experience.

While popularity can vary depending on personal preferences and market trends, 162cm (5 feet 31 inches) is a commonly chosen height for sex dolls. Here are some reasons why a 162cm sex doll might be popular:

Realistic Proportions: A sex doll with a height of 162cm often offers realistic proportions that closely resemble those of an average adult. This can enhance the overall authenticity and appeal of the doll.

Maneuverability: A sex doll of this height is typically easier to handle and maneuver compared to taller options. It may be more practical for individuals who prefer a doll that is easier to position, dress, and store.

Versatility: A 162cm cheap sex doll can provide versatility in terms of sexual positions and play scenarios. The height allows for a range of intimate interactions and poses while maintaining a lifelike experience.

Accessibility: For individuals who have space limitations or live in smaller living quarters, a 162cm sex doll can be more accessible and manageable compared to taller dolls. It can fit comfortably within available spaces without sacrificing the desired experience.

Familiarity: The height of 162cm is relatable to many people, as it falls within the average range for adult heights in various parts of the world. This familiarity can contribute to a sense of connection and relatability with the doll.

Clothing and Accessories: Many clothing items and accessories are designed to fit standard adult sizes, including those of a 162cm realist sex doll. This can make it easier to find appropriate outfits and enhance the doll's overall appearance and customization options.

Market Demand: The popularity of a specific height can also be influenced by market demand and the availability of different options. Manufacturers often produce sex dolls in sizes that cater to the preferences of their customers, and 162cm dolls may be in high demand due to their widespread appeal.