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167cm/5.47ft SE E Cup Doll

What are the options for restoring a 167cm/5.47ft SE E Cup Doll?

The skin of a realistic sex doll is like human skin and very fragile. If not cared for properly, it can damage a doll. Many of our customers ask us how to maintain their love dolls, how to keep them clean or how to repair them to avoid cuts or tears in the TPE. Please see the instructions below.

How to Properly Use TPE Glue to Repair Used life size sex doll
Improper use can easily cause cracks, bends or even damage. If a doll's skin tears during use, please stop using it and fix it with TPE glue.

If our real dolls are broken in a small place, how to fix them in this case? If the fracture is small, prepare the bracket repair TPE glue to prevent contamination and affect aesthetics, then apply an even layer of clean fracture surface to both cuts. Apply a thin layer of glue and varnish to the surface and allow the glue to dry after 30 minutes.

Different Ways to Use TPE 167cm/5.47ft SE E Cup Doll
1, when the physical doll arrives, check the packaging, check whether the doll is intact, and put it in a relatively empty place to avoid contact with sharp objects.

2, physical dolls are not difficult to clean. Don't forget to bathe and oil them once a week.

3, generally dolls can be wiped with a damp towel if they are accidentally dirty.

4, cleaning the wig should not be too hard, the foam is perfect.

168cm/5.51ft SE F Cup Doll

What to do if your 168cm/5.51ft SE F Cup Doll gets dirty

Anyone who has ever used a realistic sex doll knows that dolls are not so easy to clean, and in this case, if we buy soft silicone sex dolls, how should we take care of them? Above all, many people worried about what to do when their love dolls got dirty.

Realistic Silicone Sex Dolls
Many manufacturers now use platinum silicone. These platinum silicones are imported raw materials and are made with a two-component vulcanizing agent. It has even more advantages than traditional vulcanizing agents. For example, it is very environmentally friendly and very hygienic. In addition, the product is more transparent when made, and the TPE 168cm/5.51ft SE F Cup Doll looks whiter. Another important advantage is that it has a dust-proof function, so a lot of dust will not stick to it easily. This causes many people to purify them. Don't worry too much. It's really good for lazy people. When silicone sex doll get dirty, you don't have to worry about what to do with them.

Full body silicone sex dolls can be sterilized
Of course, it's better to clean and disinfect real dolls if we really don't think we have such problems. First, one can use a disinfectant spray to detoxify it, or 95% alcohol. Disinfect the poison with medicinal alcohol. After poisoning, wash the doll with warm water, wipe the doll's face or inside with a dry towel, and let it dry naturally, not in the sun, otherwise it will cause aging. If we usually do enough of these steps, I'm sure we'll be kept very clean TPE sex doll.