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customizable sex doll

Have you browsed several photo galleries of adult dolls but you have not found the configuration of the perfect woman?
The solution is to make your own custom real life sex doll by choosing the doll's parts one by one.
Each of our realistic sex dolls are made to order, we do not have dolls in stock ready to ship.

You found a face you like but it was an example of a photo on a body with too big or too small breast size? On the contrary, you had found a body that you like but the selection of faces shown in examples does not suit you?
Everything is possible, contact our advisors via live instant messaging and they will guide you to create the woman of your dreams.

Cheap-doll also helps you to create a completely customized and made-to-measure doll from your photos. Our sculptors reproduce the body and/or the face that you like and have in photo. This unique customizable sex doll will be yours, designed and manufactured for your greatest satisfaction. Contact us to make your personalized doll project a reality from photos.

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