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  • Willa 166cm Japanese Young Sex Doll Cup
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    Introducing Willa, a 166CM japanese sex doll cup. With realistic measurements of 76 cm bust, 54 cm waist, and 83 cm hip, she weighs 37kg and has beautiful long black hair and white skin resembling ...
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  • Jayla 166cm Sexy Alien Sex Doll D Cup
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    Meet Jayla, the 166cm Sexy Alien cheap sex dolls. Life-size and carefully crafted, she features realistic measurements of 76/54/83cm and weighs 37kg. Enjoy her unique characteristics, including fou...
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Dolls Castle 166cm Sex Dolls

Doll's height: 166 cm (65 inches)

The height of the adult dolls in this series is one of their most distinguishing features. The 166cm height provides you with a closeness comparable to real human height, allowing you to better immerse yourself in your fantasies and experiences. Here are more details about this feature:

1. Real sense of height
These 166cm tall adult most realistic sex doll give you a realistic sense of height, allowing you to enjoy more realistic companionship and interaction.

2. Intimate interaction
Due to the advantage of height, you can more freely interact intimately and better meet your emotional and physical needs.

3. Visual appeal
These tall dolls are visually striking, with excellent proportions and appearance that are incredibly lifelike.

Doll appearance and features

In addition to height, Dolls Castle's line of cheap sex dolls also feature a range of eye-catching looks and features to ensure your experience is as realistic and satisfying as possible.

1. High quality materials
Each doll is made from high-quality silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), ensuring a delicate texture, lifelike quality and durability.

2. Carefully shaped facial features
The doll's facial features are carefully sculpted, including realistic eyes, lips and skin tone, creating an attractive appearance.

3. Customization options
You can choose from a variety of different hairstyles, hair colors, eye colors and skin tones to personalize your doll to suit your unique preferences.

Doll mobility and poses

This range of adult dolls also offer excellent mobility and flexibility to suit a variety of preferences and needs.

1. Joint mobility
The doll's joints can move flexibly, allowing you to assume a variety of different poses, increasing the fun of interaction.

2. Replacement
You can easily replace the doll's head, hands and legs to diversify your experience and satisfy different desires.

3. Posture maintenance
The doll can be held in a variety of positions, allowing you to explore a variety of emotions and interactions.

Doll details and care

To ensure your doll lasts and stays in top condition, Dolls Castle offers some care and maintenance recommendations.

1. Cleaning and Maintenance
Detailed cleaning and maintenance instructions are provided to ensure your doll always maintains hygiene and appearance.

2. Storage recommendations
You will receive advice on proper storage of your doll to maintain its shape and quality.

3. Security considerations
The dolls are manufactured with high standards of safety considerations to ensure safety during use.

final thoughts

The Dolls Castle brand's range of 166cm adult BBW Sex Doll are known for their striking height, realistic appearance and excellent maneuverability. Whether you are looking for companionship, emotional needs or visual pleasure, this collection will provide you with an exceptional experience. Please select your favorite features and customization options based on your personal preferences and needs to get an adult doll that exactly matches your expectations. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced collector, Dolls Castle's dolls will become treasured companions in your life.