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how much is a sex doll

How much does a cheap-doll sex doll price?

Are realistic sex doll worth the price? I'm here to answer these questions and more about sex dolls, from super cheap inflatable sex dolls to custom made, fully custom, very lifelike dolls that have been mistaken for humans. Hopefully at the end I helped you answer the last ultimate question: should I buy a sex doll?

How much should you spend on a sex doll at normal price?

How much should you actually spend on sex dolls? This question is indeed difficult to answer because the only one who can answer it is you. Are you looking for a moaning sex doll or a heated love doll? All you have to think about is what you want from your doll. Sex doll prices may be a mystery, but we will tell you.

Will be the simplest version on the market, aka "mini doll". These sex doll torsos are usually small which makes them ideal for those who prefer petite women. Sex dolls at this level aren't usually made from the highest quality materials or customisable, but they still get the job done.

Know your choice of sex doll prices to determine prices

I think to find out the price of a sex doll, all I have to do is find a doll that looks like my ideal woman and look at the price tag. But it's much more than that - there are so many possibilities!

A lot more people buy love dolls than you might think. For example, during the 2020 pandemic, cheap-doll saw a 218% jump in sales over previous years, struggling to keep up with the demand for sex dolls. So when so many people are willing to buy sex dolls, how much do naked sex dolls cost?

Price sex dolls cost from less than 500 euros up to 5000 euros

Sex dolls range in price from under 500 euros to 5000 euros and more. This includes partial sex dolls, full-size sex dolls, as well as artificial intelligence and robot models. To answer how much does a sex doll cost? I have to segment this question by sex doll type.

The price determines how long your sex doll will last?

Think about it, how long will your sex doll last? How often will you use them? My advice is don't be cheap if you're buying something you'll keep for a long time. This is no ordinary sex toy. With this doll you share some of the most intimate moments of your life. Unlike most other toys you've bought and played with, this one will eventually make sense to you. Not just sex. At least that's how it is for many of our satisfied customers.

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