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midget sex doll

All of our mini sex doll have a metallic skeleton for more realistic poses and are made from the same materials as the larger ones!

The size of these mini midget sex doll is perfect for storage and use as sex toys!

Each miniature doll is sold with a random outfit and sent in a discreet package.

Due to the size of 100cm TPE sex dolls, if you choose to use vagina, the doll will not have the anus way. The size of the insert is the same as all other sex doll sizes.

The breast size can be adjusted on the product page. (100cm WM Dolls for example)

Shipping mini dolls
Even these small realistic sex dolls are still sex toys. Therefore, all restrictions on larger sex dolls also apply to this smaller size.

All our orders are shipped in a discreet, stickerless box via FedEx or UPS. You can also pick up the package at any hub to ensure complete privacy.

If you have any questions about shipping and delivery, please contact us before placing your order. We will check that for you!

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