Collection: Realistic Pregnant Sex Dolls and Perfect Companions at Affordable Prices

What materials are maternity sex dolls made of?

All our realistic pregnancy sex dolls are made of high quality, hypoallergenic, medical grade materials: TPE or silicone. You can decide the material of your love doll according to the advantages and disadvantages of each:

TPE stands for Elastomeric Thermoplastic (also known as Rubber Thermoplastic). It combines plastic and rubber polymers with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. The most notable properties of TPE are heat retention, stretch and durability, as it can be repaired and cleaned very quickly.

Silicone is a type of rubber. Depending on the manufacturing process, silicone can be very soft to very hard. Silicones are known for their ability to retain their original shape even under extreme pressure as well as for being thermally resistant and chemically inert (i.e. silicones do not react with most other chemicals).

In terms of cost, pregnancy silicone sex dolls are generally priced higher than their TPE counterparts. While both TPE and silicone provide a soft feel, the differences between the two materials come into play when we consider lifelike properties: Pregnant silicone dolls have a more realistic look, while pregnant TPE love dolls offer more Smooth touch and a more natural look and feel.

Our silicone maternity sex dolls are non-porous and therefore very hygienic (easy to sterilize). But on the other hand, being non-porous means that moisture can easily accumulate. In contrast, TPE sex dolls are porous, making them more difficult to disinfect and clean. If not cleaned properly, moisture tends to remain in the vaginal and anal cavities, potentially making TPE dolls unhygienic. However, our range of pregnancy TPE sex dolls use high quality TPE to give you a super realistic skin feel. The materials we use are non-toxic, harmless to your body and easy to clean.

While pregnant sex dolls do weigh more than regular dolls, most of our clients find them more comfortable due to their incredible curves. Enjoy her pregnant belly against your sexy curves as you slide into her pussy.