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SE Elf Doll

The process and application of making real human dolls

If you are a healthy boy, you should be more or less interested in adult SE Elf Doll. For those who don't know, a sex doll is used to simulate female or male behavior. This is a doll that looks and feels very real and is sometimes purchased as an admiration or dress-up doll.

I can't say that, but there are still boys who are smart enough to look at real dolls, research them, and understand the reasons and benefits.

When making a buy a sex doll there are three phases. The skeleton is first assembled. Second, the polyurethane material that forms the core of the body is attached to the skeleton and coated with silicone. Finally, deburring and silicone coating are completed. There are many mysteries in this business and only the last part, the third stage, has been collected. As this process requires a lot of finesse, the craftsmanship is made up of women. It's unexpected, as only experienced and stubborn fathers can imagine.

The first task is to remove the excess burr. Use only scissors with curved ends and clean them using the bumps properly. Silicone cannot be filed as the material can be scratched. With this procedure, the burr is immediately removed with scissors.

The hair is a wig but the bottom is completely hand sewn. One to several parts are sewn with a special needle, observing the overall balance. The link with the body does not stop there. Even the curvature of the palms and abdomen are modeled, and the mass appears to be mistaken for a human. The prototype was repeated without compromise to create this bag. By changing the ratio of polyurethane and silicone, the best possible pleats can be created. For the face, the lips are airbrushed and the area around the eyebrows and eyes is designed to look like a human. Finally, gently touch up with a brush like human makeup.

Go to a place like this and fuck a SE Elf Doll that looks like a real person. A soft human form and facial lines are created by combining mold preparation and 3D scanning. The silicone on the surface of the doll, which looks like lying feels, looks like human skin, so real that you can't even see it with your eyes closed.

Handmade realistic sex doll. Apparently, special care was taken to avoid individual differences. Users claim that they are married to the love dolls and feel connected to them. It is sensitive to the differences between the photos in the catalog and the actual product. Yet, he made other kinds of sex dolls based on the craftsman's experience and intuition. For example, silicone cures at different rates in summer and winter. The craftsman determines the degree of hardness in order to achieve a uniform feel.

A real sex doll, if you ask the price you will think it is expensive. However, if you know what you're getting into and the build quality, you'll find the price very reasonable.