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tifa lockhart sex doll

GAME LADY - Your favorite female protagonists from games, films and series enter the real world!

The Zelex company surprises us again with beautiful silicone sex doll, but this time the role models are in the virtual world.

The concept works perfectly: Take well-known female characters that have already given many gamers and sci-fi fans heart pounding, and put their expressive heads on realistic bodies that are inspired by the content of countless male fantasies.

At this point, the Zelex company again shows their concentrated know-how, they have talented sculptors to visualize the characters and the experience to make beautiful silicone dolls in their manufactory!

In the end, one question remains: can we actually call the tifa lockhart sex doll? We can say that with conviction, because former meshes have never felt so good!

As usual from the other dolls from Zelex, the GAME LADY dolls also convince with implanted eyebrows and eyelashes in the face and detailed designed bodies with long-lasting body painting with realistic skin structure!

The silicone doll Tifa Lockhart is based on the virtual character of the main protagonist from Nibelheim in the computer game Final Fantasy VII.
She is of course shown in the gallery pictures in height 167cm D-Cup and skin color and will be delivered without the shown clothes and accessories. It can be dressed with commercially available clothing from the cosplay sector.

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