Precautions For Use

How can you best use your doll to ensure a long-term relationship?

What should I pay attention to when using the doll? Read the article below and learn how to use your new doll? Take care of them and preserve them better. When you receive your new doll, you need to know how to use it and how to store and preserve it. They will have a longer relationship with you and be healthier.

1. Instructions for use
Disinfect sex toys with disinfectant, disinfectant wipes or 75% medical alcohol cotton before use. Apply anatomical lubricant to keep the device well lubricated, or wear a highly lubricating condom. If there is insufficient lubrication inside the appliance, the gel at the outlet of the appliance may be faulty. After use, don't forget to clean the lubricating fluid in the utensils with clean water, and disinfect the sex toys with disinfectant, disinfectant wipes or 75% medical alcohol cotton. Then wash the utensils in warm water for two or three minutes.

2. Doll activity restrictions
- [Head] The head can be raised up and down, up and down, and the movement does not exceed 45°, and the left and right are the same.
- [Arms] The upper limbs can be lifted forward to the chest, with an anterior tilt of about 60° and a backward tilt of about 20°. Raise your arms to chest level, about 60° to the sides. The forearm can be rotated approximately 90° in one direction.
-[Waist] She can bend and sit in front, back, feet.
-[Leg] You can spread the leg 170°, her fat spread on one leg is 100°, and the knee joint can bend 90°.

3. Preservation Specifications
——The doll's skin is simulated, using foreign body human macromolecular diatomite, which is non-toxic and odorless. After being worn for a long time, the appearance of silicone products will appear oily. Because the silicone formula contains silicone oil, which is a normal phenomenon, please wipe it with a towel. During the use and wearing of the doll, stains and dust will adhere to the appearance of the doll. In order to maintain the good function of the doll's skin and the cleanliness of the appearance, it is recommended that you maintain it regularly. The maintenance interval varies depending on the conditions of use and storage environment, but generally the best
- Dip a sponge or towel into the water and gently wipe the exterior of the doll. If the doll sticks to the stain, wipe it with a liquid near water, don't try to apply it too hard. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents, including strong acids, strong alkaline solutions, strong disinfecting solutions and cleaning agents.
- After the look dries, apply some talc or talcum powder on the doll to protect the doll's skin.

4. Save the environment
For the shelf life of dolls, there are certain requirements for the preservation environment. A good care environment can prevent the aging of the doll's silicone skin and internal parts, greatly extending the service life.
-Should avoid sunlight exposure, the doll will fade slightly after prolonged exposure to the sun.
- Excessive dust should be avoided. The appearance of the doll is sticky and static, it is easy to stick dust on the doll, try to put it in an easy-to-clean place to avoid dust.
- Humid conditions should be avoided. Since the doll absorbs water, it has an adverse effect on the material of the doll. There is no problem in wiping or washing it with water, but do not put it in water for a long time.
- Please do not leave the doll on the artificial leather or stained seat for a long time. The color of these objects is attached to the doll, causing the color to penetrate inside the doll and be difficult to remove. You can dress your doll in clear or colorless clothing or wraps.
- Room temperature that is too high or too low must be avoided. Dolls should not be stored in an environment where the temperature is too high or too low. The best room temperature for storage is 5-35°. However, you can heat your doll with an electric blanket, but not too hot to avoid colloid changes.
- Squeeze the doll should be avoided. Prolonged squeezing may cause the doll to deform. Do not put the burden on the doll to avoid squeezing and pinching the partial doll.
- Dolls are flammable products. Please take the fire away.

5. Dressing
Although the limbs of the real doll can move, there are restrictions on movement; when dressing, in order to protect the skin of the doll, please pay attention to the following points.
- Use talc to avoid sticking. The doll has a sticky look and needs to be coated with talc or talc before wearing. If static, use an anti-static dust collector, but don't overspray.
- Avoid excessive bending of the limbs. When dressing, do not bend the arms too high, as the silicone of the doll appearance may tear.
- Watch out for scratching. Do not wear clothing or jewelry with sharp edges to avoid scratching the doll. If there are treble buttons and strings etc. On clothing, be careful when wearing it.
- When piercing the ear, belly button, wearing earrings, etc., use a thin wire or needle to pierce the silicone, but the diameter should not exceed 0.5mm, and do not cut the object with a knife or sharp object. Also, don't pull after putting on the earrings to avoid tearing the doll.
- Avoid staining. Some clothes are made with artificial leather dyes or other fatty dyes. After this leather or fabric has been in contact with the doll for a long time, the color may enter the inside of the doll and cause the doll's skin to change color. Do not wear them in this type of clothing. Avoid the color change of the doll for a long time.

6. How to fix-
Silicone products are very flexible, and improper use can cause tears or creases, or even damage. In use, do not touch its surface with sharp objects, do not cut the doll, as long as there is a crease, it will continue to expand little by little along the crease, causing radical damage.
- As soon as the skin of the doll is torn, stop using it immediately and repair the doll. Silicone is not suitable for ordinary adhesives, please use our professional repair aids. If there is a small deterioration, you can try to repair it yourself, first ask the customer service for a special silicone repair aid, and consult us for the specific method. If it is serious damage, you can ask for factory repair, but you need to pay for the shipping cost yourself.

7. Precautions
The doll is made of polymer human body silicone/tpe, due to the properties of silicone/tpe products, misuse or transportation may cause accidental damage and tearing. Absolutely hold your doll when moving, don't pull on the limbs and head. Free repairs for dolls sold within six months! However, silicone is anti-plastic, and it is inevitable to have scars when it is pasted. At the same time, customers who buy the doll can get free makeup for six months from the date of release! Customers only pay for shipping!
-This product can bend freely and hold various postures, but it does not mean that you can move frequently. It is recommended that you change his gesture as display. Excessive movement or moving at too large an angle may cause the doll to tear, so proceed with caution.
- Due to the silicone casting, there is a little dirt and scratches, but it does not affect the beauty and use. At the same time, in the shoulders, head, arms, soles of the feet, there is a small blockage due to the fixation of the internal skeleton, which is unavoidable.
- The doll is best kept private, pay attention to cleaning before and after use, the electronic control device in the doll cannot touch water, do not touch easily dirty things such as ink, avoid high temperature and high fire, be careful about your doll often.
-Our dolls have positioning holes, die seams, and local small air bubbles, which are technically unavoidable, and these problems are not quality problems.