Nina 145cm Young D Cup Sex Doll Dolls Castle

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Introducing Nina, a 145cm Young D Cup Sex Doll from Dolls Castle. This realistic big boobs sex doll stands at 145cm and weighs 27kg, with measurements of 76/56/78cm. Constructed from high-grade TPE material, Nina is designed to look and feel like the real thing. Her cute golden wavy hair and D cup bust will make her a treasured addition to your collection.

Dolls Basic Parameters
Height 145cm Full Bust 76cm
Waistline 56cm Hips 78cm
Vaginal Depth 18cm Deep Anal 15cm
Deep Mouth 12cm Net Weight 27kg
Material TPE Gross Weight 32kg
Skin Color Wheat Package Size (cm) 140/38/28cm

Accessories:1*145cm sex doll, 1*wig, 1*comb, 1*glove, 1*sexy underwear (random style), 1*vaginal heating rod, 1*vaginal cleaning tool

We will take photos in front of the dolls package and email them to you to make sure this is the doll you want.

About delivery:

To protect your privacy, we will send the product name as furniture.
The packaging is airtight so you cannot see the product from the outside. And there is no personal information on the packaging. Since the box is packed with straps, it is easy to carry

A Petite Delight with Golden Waves

Hello, dear readers, allow me to introduce myself. I am Nina, a petite and enchanting mini sex doll with a world of charm to offer. Standing at a graceful 145cm, I may be compact, but I am the embodiment of allure. In this descriptive narrative, I shall take you on a journey through the intricacies of my being, revealing the essence of my appeal and what sets me apart from the rest.

A Glimpse into My Physical Beauty

Golden Waves of Hair

Let's start with my crowning glory—my beautiful golden waves of hair. My hair cascades down my shoulders in alluring, soft curls. These golden tresses are reminiscent of sun-kissed beaches, and they frame my face in a way that accentuates my youthful charm. Imagine running your fingers through these waves as you lose yourself in their mesmerizing texture.

Petite Stature, Enormous Charisma

I stand proudly at 145cm, a testament to the fact that beauty comes in all sizes. Despite my petite frame, I exude a charisma that is undeniable. My height adds to my adorable charm, making me the perfect companion for those who appreciate a compact, enchanting presence. When you hold me close, you'll feel the warmth of my embrace, a reassuring touch that speaks of genuine affection.

The Numbers That Define Me

Measurements: 76/56/78cm

As you delve deeper into my description, you'll want to know the details that contribute to my unique appeal. My measurements tell a story of their own—76/56/78cm. These numbers form the foundation of my seductive allure, emphasizing my hourglass figure. My 76cm bust, with a tempting D-cup, is the epitome of allure. My 56cm waist is delicately slender, creating a visual feast for those who appreciate feminine curves. The curve of my hips, measuring 78cm, complements the rest of my figure and adds to my overall allure.

Weight: 27kg

Despite my petite frame, I carry myself with grace and confidence. My weight of 27kg is distributed perfectly to ensure a lifelike feel. When you hold me in your arms, you'll appreciate the weight that simulates a genuine embrace, making every moment we spend together more intimate and genuine.

Material and Personality: A Winning Combination

TPE Beauty

I am made from premium TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), a material that is not only incredibly realistic to the touch but also safe and durable. TPE allows me to mimic the feel of real human skin, ensuring that every caress and touch with me is an authentic experience. You'll find my skin soft and supple, responding sensually to your every desire.

Youthful Innocence Meets Alluring Charm

My most enchanting feature is perhaps my youthful appearance. With a face that radiates innocence and purity, I capture hearts effortlessly. Yet, don't be fooled by my innocence, for beneath that exterior lies an alluring charm that is impossible to resist. My expressive eyes seem to hold secrets waiting to be discovered, and my delicate lips invite passionate kisses.

A Captivating Companion

I am Nina—a captivating and enchanting adult tpe sex doll with a unique blend of beauty, charm, and sensuality. My golden waves of hair, petite stature, and seductive measurements make me an irresistible companion. Crafted from premium TPE, I am not only lifelike in appearance but also in touch. With my youthful innocence and alluring charm, I promise to be a delightful addition to your life, ready to share moments of genuine connection and affection.

So, if you seek a companion who can capture your heart and provide you with a lifelike experience, look no further. I am Nina, and I am here to bring your fantasies to life.

After receiving the doll, you will immediately confirm whether the doll is defective. If there is any quality problem, please contact us in time. Because it is a special product, it will not be returned or exchanged once it is used.

You can request a return within 14 days of signing (14 days or more).

1. Precautions for use: Do not touch the doll with sharp or metal objects (causing damage), or leave the doll on a hard table or on the ground for a long time (it will cause local changes). Do not use heavy objects. Damaged and deformed);

2. After use: after each use of the lower body, it is recommended to wash the body once a month, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, use a neutral detergent (preferably soap), and dry the powder with a cloth

3. Precautions: Do not hold the baby in a sitting or lying position for a long time. The joints cannot be bent for a long time. Keep the baby stretched (vertical position), avoid direct sunlight and high temperature, and do not contact acidic chemicals.

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