The dolls cater to the sexual desires of different classes

The dolls cater to the sexual desires of different classes

Now that the sex doll has solved the problem of scattered people and negotiations, I would like to send my sincere congratulations to all the proud owners of dolls in the world, because few people will know the source of the blinking of this eye and the jumps on the steps . Recently a question popped up and wanted an answer.

Is it better to have several dolls? Fundamentally understand your arousal and choose when to step down or stop the incitement. Take a deep breath and exercise fully, the time between the start of the stimulus and the last moment of ejaculation will be longer. You will definitely do this to strengthen your muscles! Not a modern invention - To give customers the best sexual experience, the doll maker uses modern technology and high-quality materials such as TPE and silicon for production.

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It's not a new trend at all. Sex dolls have been around for a long time. In the 1600s, Dutch sailors would develop a cowhide masturbation dummy. They exported these products to Japan. Indeed, even today, the Japanese often refer to sex dolls as "Dutch brides." The origin of tip dolls can be traced back to Germany. In the United States, he became known for promoting mini sex doll in porn magazines in the late 1960s. Since then, more has been developed! Compared to those inflatable or moderately vinyl models, silicone and TPE dolls are extremely reasonable and practical. The most expensive sex doll. What is a doll of modernity?

Since modern toys have hidden metal skeletons with movable joints inside, they can assume different poses. Not every sex shop can buy at least one. Love dolls are expensive and require a lot of free space for placement - some full-size models reach 170 cm and weigh 50-55 kg. That's why there are specialty stores, like Charlie's Doll Store, where you can walk around, see dolls in real time, touch and buy your favorite doll right away.

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