who invented sex dolls?

who invented sex dolls?

Who invented the sex doll? This is a question that intrigues many people, and the answer will vary depending on how you look at it. Here the Cheap-doll.com team will guide you through the history of sex dolls, how they have developed over time and how they will change in the future. We will learn the history of most realistic sex doll, from their ancient origins to their modern forms. We'll also take a look at where they're headed in the future.

1. The importance and popularity of sex dolls

Sex dolls have been around for centuries and are growing in popularity. Sex dolls have become an increasingly hot topic, popular for their increasingly realistic looks and the rise of the sex tech industry, where they are seen as a way for people to explore their sexuality in a safe and consensual way. There is no risk of STIs or unwanted pregnancy. Sex dolls have become an essential part of modern society.

2. The Sex Doll Retrospective

Sex dolls have been around for centuries, and the invention of the first sex doll is a complex and multifaceted story. The origin of modern sex dolls can be traced back to ancient times. Early examples come from ancient civilizations. There they were used as sex toys and even as religious objects.

3.The ancient history of sex dolls

(1) Antiquity: Pygmalion and the concept of creating artificial women

The concept of creating artificial women dates back to ancient Greece, where the myth of Pygmalion tells the story of a sculptor who fell in love with the statues he created. This myth underscores people's fascination with creating lifelike replicas of themselves.

(2) 17th Century: The Sailor's Bride and her role in the invention of sex dolls

The invention of sex dolls is often credited to 17th-century Dutch seafarers who made dolls out of cloth and leather to satisfy their sexual needs during long voyages. The most famous of these cheap sex dolls is the "Sailor's Bride", made from old sails and stuffed with rags.

(3) 1910s: Early prototype sex doll replicas

In the 1910s, the first vibrators were invented by doctors to treat women with hysteria - a disorder characterized by hypersexuality. The prostitute then uses a vibrator to stimulate the client's genitals during intercourse. In the 1930s and 1940s, innovators like Charles Goodyear and Carl Koller introduced latex and rubber into sex doll manufacture, making them more durable and lifelike than ever before.

(4) July 1918: Known only to the public

Mainly about Paulus Manker's Alma show, Munich doll maker Hermine Moos made a life-size version of Oskar Kokoschka's doll, modeled after Alma Mahler. The doll was meant to replace Kokoschka's lost lover, but he was so disappointed that he quickly destroyed it. In recent years, the life-size Alma doll has been specially recreated according to Kokoschka's plans.

The first modern sex dolls came onto the market. The dolls are made of fabric or rubber and are sold as anatomically correct female replicas.

(5) 1930s-1940s: The innovators who pioneered sex dolls

In the 1930s and 1940s, innovators like George Broadhurst and John Weissman pushed sex dolls forward by creating standardized designs and producing foam rubber dolls with a steel frame. These designs could be mass produced on an assembly line - the first step towards the modern sex doll we know today. However, these dolls were not produced in large numbers and were mainly sold to wealthy customers.

4. Myth: WWII sex dolls prevent disease

It is said to have been Hitler's idea for a project to protect soldiers from syphilis.
One theory says that this statement is also widespread. I'm sure many people searching on google will find that this is the most common answer.

During World War II, the Nazis not only fought the rest of the world, but also syphilis. In order not to let this hidden illness spoil their "final victory", Hitler and others came up with a clever strategy - soldier sex dolls. Did the top secret Nazi sex doll project "Borghild" really exist? The project sounds ridiculous and there is no evidence that it exists. It is believed that the prototype, if it ever existed, was completely destroyed in the Allied bombing of Dresden in February 1945. Himmler is said to have been interested in Fat Sex Doll but never used them. Due to the situation at the front, the Nazis naturally put the project on hold

But it is circulating on the internet as a rumour, hoax or hoax. This claim has been refuted as there is no evidence to back it up. Ultimately, one can only argue about whether there was ever a plan to produce sex dolls for the Bundeswehr. There is absolutely insufficient evidence, and this type of topic can spread even if it is a rumor.

5. The modern development of sex dolls

From a simple inflatable doll to a real sex doll with a real touch

(1) 1950s: Plastic and rubber are used to make sex dolls

In the 1950s, plastic and rubber were introduced as materials for making sex dolls. These materials could be used to create more lifelike, more durable dolls that could be mass-produced at a lower cost.

(2) 1970s :

The typical inflatable sex doll first appeared in Japan

Japan sends its first expedition to Antarctica. The long-term abstinence of members of the expedition team will affect their health, so the Japanese, using public funds, created a high-quality sex blow-up doll “Antarctic No. 1" was developed to meet the physiological needs of the Antarctic expedition team. Therefore, the Japanese erotic video producer KUKI even created the AV series “Nanji No. 2" with the theme of imitation sex dolls.

(3) 1990s

The texture of sex dolls is closer to real skin, but still feels hard. At the same time, some manufacturers tried to create dolls with skeletons, but the results were not satisfactory.

(4) 2000

Real Dolls made in Japan look like real people and feel like real leather.

(5) After 2000

According to Cheap-doll.com team's research, factories in mainland China are producing more and more dolls, a large proportion of which are customizable sex dolls. As a result, Chinese doll makers have accumulated more experience in doll production. China is now the largest doll manufacturing base in the world, and a large proportion of the dolls produced are customizable. With advances in technology and materials, manufacturers are now able to create ever more realistic and customizable sex dolls to suit individual customer preferences. The demand for these dolls is growing exponentially and consumers from all over the world are buying them. The sex doll industry continues to thrive in China and around the world, and further growth is expected in the coming years.

6. The Cheap-doll.com team is one of the leading companies in the sex doll industry

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7. Cheap-doll.com has evolved since the invention of sex dolls

The Cheap-doll.com team has been developing and producing sex dolls for over 7 years. The experience and knowledge we gained from working with these dolls, along with feedback from our customers, allows us to design and manufacture fully customizable, high quality silicone dolls. We believe our sex dolls can help people live out their fantasies in a safe and responsible way.

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8. The future of sex dolls

Sex DollAs technology continues to advance, so does the sex doll industry. One possible development is the incorporation of artificial intelligence technologies, which could give love dolls more advanced features and make them more interactive.
Another area of development is the creation of more realistic materials. Manufacturers are exploring how to create dolls with skin closer to real skin and heating features to make the experience more lifelike.

The market for female and gay sex dolls is also growing and becoming more and more popular.

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