Funny story about doll outfits

Funny story about doll outfits

If you want to know how to choose doll clothes, the best choice is to look at the stories between other people and lover dolls.

In fact, we have many customers who ask us the same question. What size are my sex doll's clothes/shoes? Different dolls may have different sizes, but some customers share some of his experiences, tips and testimonials.

Customers not only shared their experiences about the size of doll clothes, but also gave many tips on how to care for dolls, wigs and makeup. He also spoke about his relationship with the sex doll. You may feel like he has a lot in common with you. Let us know if you would like to share your feedback. We'll deliver the message.

Customer's original notes

My first sex dolls germany was a Kanyan model. At the time she was a ready-to-ship model. She comes with standing feet and breasts filled with gel. She is a 5'2" curvy model with a D cup. She is the heaviest, about 80 pounds. I named her Kelly. She is beautiful. This model is now a small 5' 2" C cup available. I prefer this body type but I'm happy with her.

Hutao-125cm Cute Vest Sexy Girl

Buying clothes for the doll comes with some

challenges connected. First, I'm a man who shops in the women's section of Walmart. I have to find small sizes even for her. I measured them at 35 inches but the 34D fits perfectly. Your top is small, about size 4. Pants multiple, extra small, size 2. These are women's sizes. I buy from a Chinese company and they carry multiple garments ranging from small to medium to large. because of her bust size. I link through each size chart for each item. They're great. Shipping takes a few weeks. I had no problems.

Then there is Sierra. She's a selective cutie. She is a 3'7" version of the Sola model. She weighs about 28 pounds and is easier to move. I started looking for new gifts with her. Again, it's hard to find very small sizes. She is like a kid.More like toddler size or XXS.I don't like most styles.She is a bit naughty.Chinese size about 90.

I was really excited when my third love doll arrived in November. She is my birthday present. I named her Hayden. She's prettier than factory photos. Your hair looks so much better. She's a custom cutie for most options I've ordered. She is 4'2" slim. She ran about 6-6X and the 7 got bigger. Depends on the style. She can wear small. These are kid sizes. Usually like 6Y, 7Y, kid/girl small. For Chinese sizes, she lies at about 110. 100 will fit, 120 will be larger.Of course, this one doesn't come from Cheap-doll, they can't sell baby dolls.

Really, you have to measure them completely. Leg and arm length, torso (shoulder to waist), bust, waist, hips. Then it will be easier for you to decipher the size. They are all different, not like men and boys. They are available in 3 women's sizes, then teens, kids and kids. XXS is the hardest size to find on women and girls.

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