Realistic sex doll makeup technology is in the spotlight

Realistic sex doll makeup technology is in the spotlight

By default, all Chinese sex dolls come with standard realistic skin textures, enhanced bones with side bends, and super soft breasts. For more realistic effects such as ultra-realistic skin painting and a smooth matte finish, as well as ultra-soft vagina, inner thigh and butt options, visit our Chinese Dolls Upgrades and Extras page.

It is a fact that many gel filled love doll breasts get damaged on the way to the buyer. Why is this happening? Because of this, many providers have stopped offering gel-filled breast options on their websites. It will be solved by improving operational techniques.

Omg you are a heavy girl! I bought a live doll last summer just to get a better idea of ​​how the sex doll looks and poses, but I wasn't ready for the weight of the sex dolls (35kg vs 18kg). A lot of this has to do with the clumsiness of the heavy body and wanting to be very careful with her, but the weight will be something I'll have to get used to. Exercise might also be a good idea.

100cm Flat Chest White Skin Anime Cheap Doll

I removed all normal non-fetish porn (I hate streaming, love keeping digital collections and my fetishes are too priceless to give up) as a commitment to her and to test my mindset. Surprisingly, the tpe sex doll is not as bunny as I thought. But obviously my needs are more emotional. So instead of looking like a grandmother lying in bed in gloves, overalls and hat, I went for a slightly maternal image and prioritized her care.

I also went for the realistic body paint that looks great in real life. Factory photos just don't convey the fine detail that was painted. In fact, it's amazing to see that they all draw very faint veins, which greatly enhances the realism.

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