Positive impact of the epidemic on the silicone sex doll market

Positive impact of the epidemic on the silicone sex doll market

Bringing a silicone sex doll into your own home can help reduce stress and anxiety about what is happening outside.

Almost all parts of the world have been affected by the deadly coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 became everyone's nightmare as months of lockdown and restrictions were imposed to curb the further spread of the infectious disease. Yet despite the devastation in many sectors around the world, one sector has held its ground. In this case, the sex industry, especially the manufacturers and distributors of sex doll silicone, should be involved.

In the last few months of quarantine, sex doll companies from all over the world have received a flood of inquiries and orders. No specific reasons have been identified, but an obvious reason could be that people are not allowed to communicate with each other. Bringing a sex doll into your own home can help relieve stress and anxiety about what is happening in the outside world. This pandemic is truly a huge wave that will wipe out everything at a crucial moment. It is therefore highly recommended that people do not face this cataclysmic chapter alone.

It is suitable for people who have someone at home to rely on. But they must not be singled out in this health crisis. Despite what you know, there are people who get scared and worried at night when they don't have someone to cry to or talk to. It must be awful, especially when the future is hidden from you. Believe it or not, you really need someone or "something" to help you with this.

Granted, one of the effects of more than a month of isolation is an increase in sex doll sales. Unfortunately, the people who face this health challenge alone are also human and vulnerable. You also need to be close to her. That's why they run to the sex doll dealers in the shops or on the Internet to finally get in touch with their dream partner.

At some point it will be painful for the world to have to go through all of this, but 2020 is not entirely bad for everyone. Sexual pleasure industries will seize this opportunity to make revenue amid a raging storm. But of course they also look forward to the final conclusion of this cruel chapter in everyone's life. Despite the positive impact on their business, they are also being affected emotionally and spiritually by this epidemic. All people around the world now share a common desire to defeat COVID-19, so why not? In just 3-4 months, over 1 million people worldwide have already fallen ill and thousands of lives have been lost. It is unbelievable and acceptable that the sky has turned upside down this year. But the world is here and the only option left to everyone is to keep going, even if every step is heavy and difficult. Just let yourself be convinced that it will be over soon. To be able to reach it, you need someone to accompany you on the way there. lifelike sex doll could be the answer many people see in it.

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Companies on the front lines fighting the surge in sex doll sales
One of the many companies that has seen a sudden surge in sales of sex products like sex dolls is the great Sex Doll Genie. During the past few months of isolation, this popular sex doll distributor has handled hundreds of inquiries from interested customers. According to her, most of the visitors to her store are singles, but there are also a few couples. According to internal statistics, Sex Doll Genie has seen sales increase by at least 51.6% among singles and 33.2% among couples. Even more amazing is that this all happened in just three months, from February to April.

Representative Janet Stevenson stated that stock levels are sufficient to meet the growing demand for their products. However, you can't deny that they don't work that fast and can create more than once a day. They continue to strive to achieve the highest quality in every product they ship, so they cannot compromise just for the sake of demand.

To counteract this, Sex Doll Genie is looking for more employees to join its production team, at least to speed up the manufacture of its products. Sex Doll Genie has also hired more customer support staff who are always ready to deal with the waves of inquiries coming from different parts of the world like USA and Europe. So if you want to sleep with one of their high quality sex dolls, you will have no trouble doing so.

So if you think that you are the only one struggling with this epidemic, you are definitely wrong. Everyone is here to adapt to the new measures.

Make the most of your quarantine days
If you accidentally contract the virus, you will be quarantined for a period of time, whether you like it or not, until you get rid of the infection. You will of course be accommodated in a room for at least 14 days. You will be accompanied by a team of medical staff who will only visit every 5 hours or more. In short, you really are on your own. You must win this fight alone.

So it helps if you take your sex doll with you when you are in isolation. She will walk with you through the days and nights. You can talk to her and she will listen. You can ask her for some privacy and blow her mind any way you want. If you don't have any severe symptoms, you can make the most of the days of isolation with your sex doll. So buy a sex doll as soon as you are not already infected with the virus. Believe it or not, it will help you a lot.

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