Real and fake dealers in the doll market

Real and fake dealers in the doll market

Since mid-2020, retailers have been flooding the German market, deliberately buying defective B-stock or simply plagiarizing real sex dolls from well-known Chinese brand manufacturers in order to then sell them at unbelievable dumping prices on well-known markets or on their own websites. What looks like a bargain at first glance, especially when the reproduction is advertised with the original product photos, often turns out to be an expensive bad buy when you open the shipping box, because these sex dolls made of TPE or silicone usually have obvious defects and are of poor quality.

Currently, almost only sex dolls made of TPE are affected by such plagiarism, because in contrast to silicone dolls, their production requires very little effort and technical knowledge, which can be seen as insufficient.

165cm Wheat Color Big Breasts Silicone Tpe Sexy Doll

Common defects are:

The material is called (medical) silicone, but it is a cheap TPE
Important joints such as the wrist are missing in the skeleton
Strong and predominantly pungent odor, usually with a strong chemical odor
The gel in the breast is filled incorrectly and can then leak
Due to the use of inferior materials, the touch of TPE is obviously inferior to that of brands Real Doll

When the duped buyer opened the box, he noticed that the cheap love doll he had bought bore only "some" similarities to the product photos, save for a cloud of evaporated solvent!

In many cases, advertisements for cheap sex dolls will feature photos of the manufacturer's WM Doll products, but customers will only receive poorly made original copies! With a simple impression of degraded quality, faded facial features are easy to spot. Other providers create their own templates and mockups and then simply model them on top of the original avatar.

Due to the high price of doll body molds, cheap manufacturers can only offer a few doll bodies, so it's definitely not a wide range of different doll bodies offered by brand name manufacturers. Therefore, there is a high possibility that the customer will not receive the doll if they choose their bargaining product on the product picture!

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