The pinnacle of male sex dolls

The pinnacle of male sex dolls

Hello, I am writing to express my joy and happiness when receiving male sex dolls. She is my first doll and I am very happy. She was so gentle and charming, I loved it.

Although there are fewer types of male sex dolls, there are also fewer choices. But never say that male sex dolls are of poor quality. Admittedly, that's a misunderstanding. These male sex dolls are flexible enough for intimate encounters. These sex doll are as flexible as any other sex doll. You can manipulate the sex doll to bend in a certain direction.

158cm Big Tits Wheat Sexy Nurse Tpe Doll

I found that 80% of her weight was over her knees, making it difficult to carry. The only part of my body that hurts is my arm! My lower back handles her just fine, but the heavy weight doesn't cling to you like a real person, so it takes quite a bit of strength to keep her from rolling over in my arms. Still, I can't wait to get kidnapped lol.

Specializing in the design and production of high quality realistic silicone male sex dolls, made of high quality medical grade silicone specially designed for their ultra realistic high definition love dolls. It has earned them a solid reputation for some of the finest, most realistic silicone dolls in the world. When it comes to Chinese dolls, you have many options for ordering dolls, some of which are currently unavailable from any other manufacturer.

Seeing the 20kg weight on UPS makes me a little afraid of sending the wrong sex doll, but make sure you send the correct doll. When I got her today man I wish she was 20kg she's a super heavyweight. I bought her for pictures not sex because if you want sex I don't recommend this doll unless you can lift 90lbs. I just put them on. But I can't control the sweating. I have to start exercising.

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