Do you know what a sex doll is?

Do you know what a sex doll is?

Many people these days already know what a sex doll is, but for those who have heard of it and want to know what it is, let me explain. A realistic sex doll is an adult sex toy, a life-size couple doll that is mainly used for masturbation and companionship. Men use it to replace sex with real women. 158cm silicone doll is the most popular style in the market

Realistic silicone dolls are made from a variety of materials, which are also important factors in determining their price. Some sex doll owners own their collections, name each one after themselves, and get used to living with them. Some people admit that they fell in love with their own couple dolls, even though they can't act like ordinary people. However, can a man really fall in love with a sex doll?

157cm White Small Breast Life Size Dutch Wife

With its realistic size and natural look, you can easily tell that love dolls can be the perfect companion. They have a sexy body, complemented by their costumes and hairstyles. Their faces can be created according to your wishes and can have a small quantity or weight. Many people frankly say that they love their sex dolls and they love humans. This makes sense, especially when you visit a blog site and read these people's posts. They even tell their stories to their interactive people and share their fun lives full of enthusiasm.

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