Is it really believable to have "feelings" for sex dolls?

Is it really believable to have "feelings" for sex dolls?

Recently, a netizen shared that his 60-year-old father suddenly bought a sex doll and said he "fell in love" with her. This reignited the public debate about the "feelings" of hyper realistic sex doll. In fact, users have complex and multi-layered feelings towards sex dolls:

Superficial emotional attachment

Some users develop an attachment to sex dolls due to long-term relationships. However, this is often a superficial “emotional projection”: they attach their emotional needs to an existence that they can enjoy.

satisfaction of sexual desire

For middle-aged and elderly people, sex dolls are often an object for the satisfaction of physical desires. You may use the word love to describe this fulfillment, but it is essentially physical.

relieve loneliness

Many users love small sex dolls because of the companionship they offer. But that kind of companionship doesn't come from real caring, it's just an object that replaces real relationship.

misunderstanding of the nature of emotions

A real relationship requires interaction, adjustment, kindness, and many other aspects. And sex dolls are not equipped for this. The user's misunderstanding on this is largely due to the lack of a real emotional experience.

A more sensible use setting is required
Users who have "feelings" about tpe sex doll need more positive energy advice to build a more rational and healthy relationship of use.


User emotions towards anime dolls are often based on loneliness and desire that go far beyond the characteristics of the item itself.

True feelings require two-way communication and development. Sex dolls cannot offer that.

Although everyone's freedom to use sex dolls should be respected, users with misunderstandings still need social counseling to avoid greater repercussions.

The key is to inspire them to create a more rational and normal relationship of use, rather than simply negating the puppet itself. This is the only way society can really develop.

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