Man engaged to a tpe sex doll

Man engaged to a tpe sex doll

A video of an American man getting engaged to a tpe sex doll recently went viral on the internet.
In the video, a shooter in the makeup room holds a tpe sex doll to her chest to show her friend's feelings. Many netizens commented: "This is one of the best movies I've ever seen", "Is this the closest couple in the world?" Are they supposed to have another baby?

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"We saw her in a bar back then and I really liked her at the time. The man said he wasn't thinking about her at the time.
However, as time went on, he began to fight an inner struggle. Should he try to make her more like a real woman? After all, that was exactly what she had been created for. Or should he leave her alone and let her be what she was made to be?

He eventually decides not to change anything about his doll—at least not yet. While some find this type of behavior creepy or even odd, many believe it is important for someone who has never been in a romantic relationship (however brief). Acting out scenarios with the puppets is very therapeutic,” says one recently divorced person after years of marriage. I just wanted to know that I'm still attractive."

Later, the man went to an online lifelike sex doll shop and bought several different types of sex doll clothes to dress up his girlfriend. He bought various clothes for his doll: a more conservative dress without a bra, a more literary skirt and a sporty trench coat…… The young man took his doll to a couple's wedding.

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