Sex Doll Clothing: How to dress your sex doll

Sex Doll Clothing: How to dress your sex doll

Choosing the right clothes for your sex doll can add spice and enrich your sex life. But we must also pay attention to the fact that improper clothing can harm the tpe sex doll. The following is an introduction to sex doll clothing selection and dressing skills.

Choose good quality clothing

High-quality fabrics are more comfortable and durable. Poor quality clothing can cause threads to unravel and scratch the sex doll's skin. Before buying, check the quality of the clothes.

Avoid tight clothing

Clothing that is too tight restricts joint movement and can deform under prolonged pressure. Give the doll some space to avoid overexertion.

Be careful with metal accessories

Metal zippers, buttons and embellishments can scratch cheap sex dolls. Try wearing soft accessories for dolls, such as fabric flowers.

Check sex dolls before getting dressed

Check clothing for damage and prevent clothing from being pinched and enlarged. Also check if your fingernails are sharp or not to avoid scratching.

Gentle removal of clothing

Don't be rude, take it off slowly and carefully. If you come across clothes that don't come off smoothly, you should stop forcing them off.

Clean and store in time

Remove and wash immediately after use to avoid stain residue. Dry clothes naturally after washing and store properly.

Regular inspection and maintenance

Regularly check the most realistic sex doll body for clothing injuries. Be loving and imagine that it is alive.

Let's learn how to dress up sex dolls properly, avoid possible damage to sex dolls and continue having safe pleasure.

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